The Year of Dating Dangerously IV

Hopefully ever after

Bachelor #11 is a true gentleman, has a delightfully dry sense of humour and we have half a dozen thoroughly enjoyable dates.

But then, out of the blue, just before I can start to think about riding off into the sunset, a man in a black leather jacket comes charging down my street on a big black bike. It’s Bachelor #2, my Biker… I don’t believe in fairytales anymore, but the knight on the black horse has come to claim his damsel and sweeps me right off my feet and into his arms.

I must confess here that I had become plenty fond of this bright and beautiful human being in the year that I’d known him. A deep love had grown quietly but somewhat painfully, as it was apparently unrequited. And so I had tried to accept that friendship was all that I would have, and resolved to move on. But each time I met another bachelor, I would realise that friendship with The Biker was more precious to me than romance with any new man. I could never quite give him up.

So imagine my joy when, in the nick of time, The Biker finally comes to the proverbial party. We fall into a slightly wobbly embrace and share our first tentative kiss, giggling like children who have stolen some chocolates and got away with it. Within days we go off on a whirlwind honeymoon and then decide to get engaged, just a few days short of our first anniversary. Watch this space for the wedding date. Who says love has to happen all in the right order?

My kids are delighted. My son had often teased that we “should just get married already!” My eldest daughter asked, “Can we keep him?” and my youngest pouted every time I went on a date to meet someone new, saying I should just stay with the Biker. My parents immediately toast our happiness when they hear the good tiding. They too had figured that we’d be a good match. I hear the polite equivalent of “Well, DUH!!” from my friends when I change my relationship status on Facebook. It seems everyone else saw this, long before we did.

Yes, it took us some time. But in many ways this is a good thing. We know each other thoroughly by now: we’ve shared each other’s ups and downs, had ten drama-free weekends away, went on hundreds of informal “dates” and all this without the blinding insanity of being “in love”. And, seeing as we’re both greying and wrinkling a bit, one hopes that wisdom and sensibility will prevail… Which is why we’ve gone and bought ourselves the most outrageous costume rings we could find for our engagement. A skull for the Biker, a chunky Liz Taylor style piece for me. Rock and Roll! Aahhh what the hell, one might as well lighten up a bit at our age.

2014-04-23 17.05.08

And so ends our year of dating dangerously – which culminates in smugly deleting our online dating profiles (“Reason for deleting profile: I met my match here.” Yay.)

With knees shaking just a little, we get off the rollercoaster and embark on a new journey of loving steadily and sweetly, as we ride off into the familiar sunset over Strand Beach.


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