The Good Ship Sabatier


  1. The front section of the boat is called the

a)    Nose

b)    Front

c)    Gunwales

d)    Bow

e)    Fender


  1. The term “port” means

a)    Right

b)    A harbour

c)    Left

d)    What you drink when the captain is not watching

e)    b and c


  1. A “line” is

a)    Where you are allowed to hang up your washing

b)    What you’ve just crossed on the map

c)    What you’ve just crossed by drinking the captain’s port

d)    A small quantity of cocaine

e)    A rope


  1. “Starboard” refers to

a)    The time when crew members are allowed to rest and look at the stars

b)    A type of plate used to serve food

c)    Instrument used to take bearings of celestial objects

d)    Right

e)    The extension of the ship’s side above the level of the weather deck


  1. A “halyard” is

a)    A rope for hoisting and lowering sails

b)    A type of fish

c)    The captain’s woman

d)    The front of the boat

e)    Pieces of timber that make up a large transverse frame


  1. The number of “berths” refers to

a)    The number of sails

b)    The number of women onboard

c)    The number of spaces to sleep on the boat

d)    The number of babies born onboard

e)    The number of voyages that the boat has made


  1. What is the entrance into the cabin of the boat called?

a)    Hatch

b)    Door

c)    Entrance

d)    Companionway

e)    Deckhead


  1. The term “heads” refers to

a)    The crew

b)    Compulsory hats to be worn during the voyage

c)    A punitive instrument

d)    The kitchen

e)    The toilet


  1. The kitchen on a ship is called

a)    The hotbox

b)    The galley

c)    The heads

d)    Women’s quarters

e)    The coxswain


  1. The captain’s “log” is his

a)    Bunk

b)    Woman

c)    A special kind of rye bread reserved for the captain

d)    Diary

e)    Wood placed in bottom of ship to keep cargo dry



Part 1: 1 d; 2 e; 3 e; 4 d; 5 a; 6 c; 7 d; 8 e; 9 b; 10 d.

To come sailing with us you need to score: 80%

To pass, you need to score: 70%

To qualify for a re-test you need to score: 50%

If you scored 40% or less, best stay on land.


Erica Neser (c) 2012


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rob Rubin
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 04:23:48

    I got a 20. But your taking to someone who fell over in a canoe…while still on the beach.


  2. girl in the hat
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 22:32:05

    Oh, dear, I’ve failed miserably. They probably wouldn’t even let me on a cruise ship.


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