Time allowed: 7 minutes. No conferring with others allowed.


Indicate which statement is true:


1.    Deciding where your baby will sleep

a)    is best left to the experts

b)    should be done according to what your friends and relatives advise

c)    should be should be done before your baby is born, preferably before you get pregnant

d)    is a very personal matter


2.    The following people must reach consensus on where baby will sleep

a)    Mum

b)    Dad

c)    Baby

d)    The neighbours

e)    a & b

f)       a, b & c

g)    none of the above


3.    Your child will start sleeping through when

a)    you let her sleep in your bed

b)    you sleep in her bed

c)    she is ready to sleep through

d)    she leaves home


4.    The best sleep environment for baby is

a)    in your bed

b)    in her own bed

c)    in a cot next to your bed

d)    where everyone in the family gets the most sleep

e)    in the Bahamas


5.    Babies should preferably be

a)    ignored when they cry at night

b)    sleep trained before they are born

c)    seen and not heard

d)    loved to bits, even though they don’t sleep through


6.    Your baby may sleep in your bed

a)    as long as she wants to

b)    until she moves out of the house

c)    until you have another baby

d)    until she has her own baby

e)    as long as you’re comfortable with it


7.    If your relatives criticise your sleeping arrangements, you should

a)    nod politely and do whatever works for you and your family

b)    argue your point of view until they back down

c)    leave your children with them for a weekend

d)    distract them and dish up more chocolate cake for yourself while they look away


8.    A co-sleeping mother

a)    sleeps less than a non-co-sleeping mother

b)    sleeps more than a non-co-sleeping mother

c)    breastfeeds more often but gets the same amount of sleep as a non-co-sleeping mother

d)    will have synchronised sleep cycles with her baby

e)    What? I don’t know and I’m too tired to care!


9.    When in the family bed, babies sleep

a)    parallel to their parents

b)    across both their parents

c)    at 90o with their parents

d)    upside down


10. Babies should always be in bed

a)    Before 7 pm

b)    Before 7 am

c)    After a feed

d)    Before you

e)    Before you lose your mind



Erica Neser (c) 2012


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. esther
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 20:36:16

    Answer to all family concerns concerning where baby sleeps: nod politely, then distract them and dish up that chocolate cake/ just ignore them and do what works for your family


  2. Lize
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 21:53:59

    Mine too, and now I’m craving for some chocolate cake… 🙂

    Maybe I should go bake some while the kids are actually sleeping…


    • ericanexpress
      Jan 07, 2012 @ 22:33:28

      Hi Lize! Geniet die choc koek as jy daarby uitkom, ook maar vir my part. Ek het vandag reeds my kwota sjokolade in – meer as dit en daar’s more migraine… x


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