Blogaholics Anonymous

Five Ten Reasons I Should Stop Cut Down On Blogging

Site Stats: fuelling compulsive behaviour

I started blogging actively twenty one days ago. In that time, according to my page stats, I’ve added 33 posts, averaging 1,65 posts per day. Admittedly, I have hundreds of pages of existing writing which I am just copy-and-pasting onto the blog. I’m not actually WRITING 1,65 new blogs a day. Yes, at some stage, I will run out of stock and if I want to keep my blog alive, I will have to write some new material soon. Soonish.

However, I don’t know if I will ever reach that point. I may have to quit blogging long before then. Here’s why:

  1. Household Concerns

My very valiant attempt at minimalism has ground to a halt, and I’ve regressed to having a house filled with stuff that needs putting away (see my post on Chaos Theory.) The dishes are piling up in the sink again. There are three baskets of clean clothes that need putting away, dating from 20 days ago. The vacuuming is just not getting done, so dog hair is accumulating at an alarming rate. Basically, this mess is a place.

  1. Work issues

Or, one could say, my work is really interfering with my blogging. If I had a boss, she/he would have fired me by now, or at the very least, given me two written warnings. Thankfully, my colleagues don’t realise how little I’ve accomplished, other than show up for work the past three weeks. There’s a whole to-do list that I keep looking at but never actually do anything about. This will have to stop.

  1. Effect on relationships and parenting ability

It is obvious that the kids, pets and Moonman are not getting properly fed and watered. The kids have instant hamburgers five nights out of seven in the past week. Other nights we’ve had breakfast cereal, eggs on toast, oven chips and cake. One might be gaining weight, the other losing weight, and the third has moved out. The dogs have had to open a bag of dog food by themselves. The cats have had to resort to catching mice. The guinea pigs have eaten through every last blade of grass in their little enclosure and whistle desperately when they hear my voice. It’s a good thing that the Moonman is overseas at present, otherwise he would have thrown me out for negligence. He prefers negligee.

  1. Nutritional concerns

Strenuous blogging can lead to dehydration. In an attempt to combat this, I am consuming plenty of fluids, but mostly in the form of tea. Even though I have read about the many health benefits of tea, I am worried about my sugar and caffeine intake. Which brings me to my next point:

  1. Insomnia and related imbalances

All the tea I’m drinking, combined with an overactive mind, has lead to insomnia. Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I’m up half the night either a) reading other people’s blogs, b) thinking up ideas for new posts or c) checking my site stats. Sleep deprivation leads to an inconsistent parenting style and poor performance at work.

  1. Health problems

On top of insomnia, I am suffering from repetitive stress injuries, eye problems, migraines, muscle spasms and indigestion. I am not getting sufficient exercise or fresh air. I’m also not flossing every day anymore.

  1. General mental health issues

Most noticeably, mood swings have been reported. Vacillating between euphoria (on days of heavy site traffic) and extreme lows (on days of no traffic). Certain self-esteem issues have raised their ugly heads, mostly due to wanting to be part of (or even noticed by) the freshly pressed in-crowd and feelings of powerlessness in the face of such talent. Also experiencing increasing levels of blog-envy. Mental over-stimulation and information overload are starting to impact on daily functioning and personal hygiene.

  1. Obsessive-compulsive behaviour and addiction

I have noticed jitteriness and anxiety when I can’t access my blog for whatever reason. Anxiety levels eventually decrease when I force myself to stay offline for a day or so, but then steadily rise again until I have my little fix. I have also developed compulsive checking behaviour. I am so curious to see any comments, new followers, likes, and page hits that I just have to check. Just quickly. Every ten minutes. Blogging has also lead to compulsively following other people’s blogs and reading through their archives. I do believe, however, that I can stop any time.

  1. Hardware problems

My 3g dongle, laptop and brain are constantly overheating and shutting down unexpectedly due to over-use.

  1. Financial concerns

Even though my 3g allows unlimited internet access, I do worry that there are other financial implications that may not be that evident yet. Wastage of food due to frequently burning supper and loss of income being the greatest areas of concern.

So to all of you who have been saying to me, “I LOVE your blog!!” and “Can’t wait for the next installment!” and “So glad you’re finally out there!”, please think twice before you say these things keep ’em coming because we all know I’m not going to kick this habit. Yet…

Erica Neser (c) 2011


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. WIlma
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 10:22:41

    Jy is eenvoudig awesome!


  2. Christy Farmer
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 11:39:08

    “Instant hamburgers five nights a week” really made me laugh! 🙂


  3. topiclessbar
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 13:41:50

    This is GREAT! I know exactly what you’re talking about. Especially #8. I’m a teacher and my classes run 50 minutes – I usually check my blog stats at some point during a class. Then I say to myself, “Shit man! You can’t go 50 friggin minutes without checking your blog stats? It went up by like four hits. You’ve got to calm down…”

    Just a little story there. Loved this post. : )


    • ericanexpress
      Dec 13, 2011 @ 14:35:32

      Hey, glad you enjoyed it! I have had to work out a system of chore-and-reward to try and contain this behaviour: before I can go online, I have to vacuum the house. Then I have to hang up the washing before my next check. It’s bizarre! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to tootle over to your blog and check it out! 🙂 (the dishes can wait…)


  4. disseminatedthought
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 13:56:09

    I find that as soon as I publish a piece, my mind becomes the ball in a tennis match between what sort of feedback I’ll get on it from my readers, and what the hell I’m going to make my next post about.

    Constantly checking view stats is going to be the end of me. Two dozen times a day can’t be healthy, can it?


  5. Rob Rubin
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 14:40:33

    I think you are my twin…or my soul mate…though I do have a wife.
    I started late October and am having a hard time keeping up with reality. I have just come to the realization that it is not healthy to check your iPhone every 4 seconds to see if a new visitor has come by (I’ve checked it 3 times since writing this comment.)

    And I agree that work definitiely gets in the way of blogging.

    Anyway, I’ll be checking every 7 seconds to see when you approve this comment.


    • ericanexpress
      Dec 13, 2011 @ 15:08:02

      Hey Rob, sorry to keep you waiting – had to hang up another load of washing (mind you, if I waited a bit longer, it would all have dried right there in the basket!). Thankfully I have an old Nokia un-smart phone so even though I am tempted to check my blog at night, I have been able to avoid that (for now). We blogaholics should meet every Tuesday evening and talk about this…


  6. meladjusted
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 19:20:43

    Oh dear – make that 17 (seventeen) comments! Excellent post, ringing clear as a bell through the blogging community! Mooi man x x x


    • ericanexpress
      Dec 13, 2011 @ 21:50:25

      Well that thing they said about “you can reply via email to reply to this post” – that didn’t work… so, copy and paste from sent items: Thank you kindly! 🙂 I’ve run out of witty comments, I’m really sorry! I only get 8 per day… x


  7. Yoga with Nicci
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 14:56:56

    Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahha!! So I am not alone! Although I confess, as I do have a (so called) Smartphone, I found myself actually logging on to (bloody flaming) WordPress at 4 in the morning when I woke up for a nighttime piddle…that’s when I realised I was in trouble, and so have now set myself strict rules about only ever blogging /checking my blog / thinking about checking my blog etc etc when I am at my laptop, sitting down at a decent hour, and after the kids are in bed. This means that my stats have plummeted, but trust me, I feel like a new person. A pretty unpopular and untalented one, but a new one nonetheless. At least I can live vicariously through you and your recovery. Hang in there, we’re so proud of you! xxx


  8. ericanexpress
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 20:48:52

    Well done for self-imposing limits and rules before the Band and the kids had to do an intervention! Moonman home now so I’ll have to restrict now. I “let myself go” a bit while he was away. What with not shaving legs and blogging all hours… 🙂


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